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A social sing-a-long experience that brings people together for an unforgettable night of iconic melodies and sweet harmonies. Under the guidance of two Aotearoa musical heavyweights, audiences form two teams, grab a drink, learn some choruses and then battle it out with an epic medley of songs.


No singing experience is necessary, simply a love of music and coming together with others in collective harmony (although a little bit of friendly rivalry doesn’t hurt)



Using wifi or data, audiences will receive a secret QR code (or similar) on the day to access their teams’ song lyrics from their own personal device.



There are 2 tour-ready versions available. Content of each of these can be made available on request. Please advise which one you would prefer; 

a) The Kiwiana Songbook, or 

b) The Greatest Hits of All Time Songbook

NB: BATTLE CHORUS is designed for participants to be standing for the duration of the hour - there is little-to-no downtime. Of course anyone who needs to sit may do so, suitable seating at the front should be made available on request.


Click the PDF below for the Technical Rider. 

Please email us for more information,

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